Engage Chinese students at every step of their application journey

Chinese students are increasingly turning to digital channels to inform their international study decision. Sinorbis can help universities and schools to attract and engage Chinese international students at every step of their application journey through our all-in-one digital marketing platform and add-on services.

Build a Chinese website and landing pages that inspire

Creating a Chinese web presence that inspires and engages with informative, easily accessible content is a vital component of effective Chinese student recruitment marketing. Our platform comes with a selection of beautiful and functional templates, purpose-built for education marketers and the Chinese digital ecosystem. 

Reach students through relevant search results

Chinese search activity around education programs and international study destinations, follows a distinct pattern that is dictated by the term structure of the destination country. With Sinorbis you can be sure that your learning institution will be highly visible at those critical times through keyword analysis, SEO and SME activity powered by artificial intelligence.

Promote your school on WeChat

The lives of Chinese students are inseparably intertwined with digital media channels such as WeChat and Weibo. It’s no surprise that these channels also play an increasingly important part in their international study decision-making process. Sinorbis will help you increase awareness for your learning institution and everything it has to offer to the right audience, via the right channel

Spend your marketing budget where it will have the biggest impact

Marketing budgets for international student recruitment are tight and often spread thinly across multiple regions. Our insights and technology will give you a clear view on the channels that are having the biggest impact on Chinese student recruitment, so that you can maximise your ROI.

Leverage our insight to optimise your digital presence

Digital education marketing is always evolving and needs to respond to opportunities and changing user behaviour as soon as it happens. We use the latest and most advanced technology so that your learning institution can stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive Chinese student recruitment digital landscape.

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